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Real world location of Galhea?

Hope folk still lurk here...

Anyone know if Galhea is supposed to be founded on a particular real world town, the way Duwamish is Seattle? I'm trying to decide upon some locations for a 'what the humans were up to in the early days of the Wraeththu' fanfic.


Over in the world of Second Life the Wraeththu group used to get together to celebrate the seasonal deharan festivals. The group is currently less active and time constraints often prevent us from meeting but in the spirit of old a couple of us decided to put together a picture celebrating Adkaya. We don't have a rustic Nayati at hand so here is the moment one of the nine attending Hienama raises the newly delivered pearl (in an appropriately wintery setting). Hope you like it :)

Adkaya 2013

Characters of Colour in Wraeththu?

Not sure if this question has been asked before, but are there any characters of colour in the Wraeththu series?

From what I've seen in artistic renditions of the major characters is that they appear to portray them as light-skinned. Are there any characters who are Black or described as dark skinned?

I have yet to finish the series so I have not been introduced to all of the characters yet.

I know that racial representation is an issue within the Sci-if and fantasy genres and I truly hope that this issue isn't also present within Wraeththu because I am enjoying it quite a lot so far.


Jun. 23rd, 2013

Fic: Wanna bet?

Title: Wanna bet?
Author: Noadvertising
Characters: Thiede, Asmael
Rating: T
Summary: Appropriate measures are required to prevent the disappearance of a species.
Disclaimer: Thiede and Ashmael are original creations of Storm Constantine, as are the city of Immanion and the Wraeththu
                  species. I only play with the characters in my sandbox. Please don´t kill me for bad English!

Fic: Wanna Bet?

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So Author, Kiddos, I'm waiting! Where are all the brand new filthy Wreaththu stories about Aruna??? So okay you can make them romantic too, if you possitively need to, to make your muse happy! Beggers can't be choosers, really I'll be happy with anything I can get! My artwork in case your wondering.
Love Sincerely,Sharing  Breath Cal the Gslinger 

Pearl of Wisdom

In this animated video, androgynous beings are possessed by a mysterious cycle of transformation. The fabulous avatars are very much inspired by Wraeththu, and also by Storm's Grigori novels. Here's the YouTube post, I hope you enjoy it:


Dear Darling Wreaththu Writers, I need some new stories about beautiful sexy hara really bad to feed my need. Oh! Please help! I tried writing my own but I'm just not very good at it like some of you are. LOL please have mercy on me! Truly I'm not fussy I'll take anything short or long... canon or non. Too quote a certain dramatic plant from a play; "Feed Me!"

Respectfully and Sincerely, Cal the Gslinger


Lakes of Lunil Art

Not sure I posted this yet

here's a link to the art that I did in conjunction with the story 'The Lakes of Lunil' ... the ink version appeared in Para-Imminence...this is the full colour version

Place names?

Am I right that Saltrock got renamed in a later era?

Also names of days? I'm thinking tuesdays are obsolete

I am 40,000 words in on my late-era novel 'An agent of Agave' and I'm writing the romantic post-inception encounter. The plot has our heroes doing this in the most auspicous location.. the forale house in Saltrock.


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