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Among hara they viewed as "soume" or "hostling stock" cause we know their ouana/warrior group are allowed to take aruna together (especially when out doing war stuff) but I know from Blood, the Phoenix and a Rose, that like "hostlings" were expected to stick to being with warriors (at least at the Harling farms) and among Ponclast's personal hostlings for his experiments they were closely monitored and not allowed to be with other hara.

Would it be considered y' know something enjoyable for ouana har to watch or like disgusting and perverse?

Timeline of early Wraeththu history

This is my best guess for the order things happen in the early years of Wraeththu. There is lots of stuff in the Roleplaying Game, but Storm has said it is not canon (and it often contradicts other sources, and sometimes itself). So take any RPG ‘facts’ with a pinch of salt.

Two questions:

1. Is anyone interested in beta reading the story I'm writing?

and 2. Can anyone reccomend movies that are like... similar in tone to the books?
And I was wondering if there was like a world guide or something, or other useful reference material because for example figuring out the timing of the events in the broader universe is a little difficult... so like if someone had made a time line or something like that, that'd be super helpful.

weird question but do we ever have textual confirmation of what happens if a human woman sleeps with a har? Cause if I recall correctly the only instances we have of the effects of er... wraeththu fluids on humans are in The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure with Lianvis and the human sacrifice and then Thiede with his first love.

And I feel like given what naturally curious creatures humans and hara are... and especially given how poor human judgement often is (especially when it comes to er that) that would be happening like not constantly but like a lot (considering human ER visits for er... intimate injuries and so on, I don't think the 'potentially deadly' thing would tend to stop em)

Does anyone have a full list of all the Wraeththu short stories which Storm has written? I just read an atmospheric one about the Obliviata tribe in her Mythangelus collection, and was wondering if there are more and where they are published. Obviously I know about the various Para collections. Are there any of Storm's Wraeththu tales in other non-Para anthologies, or magazines or elsewhere?



A new Wraeththu book - squee!

Just noticed that there is another book in the Wraeththu Mythos - Whispers of the World That Was by E.S. Wynn. Anyone read it?

[Bounces up and down in impatience waiting for a copy!]

Couple more of my fics are on Forever

Hi all
I have couple more stories up on Forever now.
- A Terzian/Mengk pairing: Mengk
- And one about India which features Thiede: Beautiful Things
Hope folk enjoy them.


Story up On Forever

Hi all. A story of mine about Wraeththu in Tanzania has just gone up on Forever. Feedback welcome.
A Thousand Tiny Deaths


Real world location of Galhea?

Hope folk still lurk here...

Anyone know if Galhea is supposed to be founded on a particular real world town, the way Duwamish is Seattle? I'm trying to decide upon some locations for a 'what the humans were up to in the early days of the Wraeththu' fanfic.


Over in the world of Second Life the Wraeththu group used to get together to celebrate the seasonal deharan festivals. The group is currently less active and time constraints often prevent us from meeting but in the spirit of old a couple of us decided to put together a picture celebrating Adkaya. We don't have a rustic Nayati at hand so here is the moment one of the nine attending Hienama raises the newly delivered pearl (in an appropriately wintery setting). Hope you like it :)

Adkaya 2013