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Fic: Wanna bet?

Title: Wanna bet?
Author: Noadvertising
Characters: Thiede, Asmael
Rating: T
Summary: Appropriate measures are required to prevent the disappearance of a species.
Disclaimer: Thiede and Ashmael are original creations of Storm Constantine, as are the city of Immanion and the Wraeththu
                  species. I only play with the characters in my sandbox. Please don´t kill me for bad English!

Fic: Wanna Bet?

A tall redhead stood at the top of one of the towers of the palace, his angry look withering away a few of the roses amidst the hedge of thorns that had already made it to the highest point. The streets of Immanion, once bustling with life, were deserted now. “You´re bored!” the blond har sitting cross-legged in front of a chessboard stated. He was losing again, and spectacularly so. Darn it, he was purported to be an exceptionally gifted strategist, that´s how he had made it into the position of a general, when their race still was young, so why did he lose each and every match against his superior for many decades?

“Maybe we should try something different?” the redhead suggested, his amber eyes gleaming dangerously in the light of the setting sun. “Like what?” his blond counterpart questioned absentmindedly, blue eyes desperately looking for a way to escape disaster on the chessboard. “It ought to be something completely extraordinary.” “Like what?” Where the hell had the general´s eloquence gone now? “No idea! Maybe we need a romance! A love story that will have the readers at the edge of their seats! See, so many of our kind have left for good, seeking out new challenges! And Pellaz and Calanthe have gone into retirement a few years ago. I don´t begrudge them, too long have they fought...” “Fought? I thought they were in love with each other!” “...fought on the front line for our kind! For the love of the Dehara, do you act stupid on purpose, or...” Ah, one of these conversations then! The good old days, how he missed them! Mayhem in Immanion, had the recalcitrant leader of the army yet again exceeded his powers and overrode his superiors commands! What a shame that those days were gone, never to return!

“Do you remember what I once told you about people musing about us?” Ashmael Aldebaran, former leader of the Gelaming army, convulsed with laughter. “People musing about us...wasn´t it more like people pairing off almost all of us, regardless of the consequences? Somebody even announced I had an official relationship with my...can´t even talk about it, gives me the creeps! Imagine, being married off without consent! By the way, have you checked that? Could it be true?” Ashmael wrung his hands, clearly agitated. Taking a deep breath he continued talking. “But all in all, I was lucky, they mostly did spare me!” “Spare you? How come?” Ashmael Aldebaran darted an indignant glance at his superior. “Do not act the innocent, such conduct does not become you! It was you who killed and remade a Vaysh, who wasn’t interested in me anymore! They felt sympathy for me, because I really had been in love with him, that´s all!” “Ah, I forgot!Vaysh! Strictly speaking, it wasn´t me who killed that smart-ass...”“And pigs might fly!” Ashmael uttered between clenched teeth.

He pushed aside his pawn, seeing no way to save him from his superior´s attack. “So they never paired you off?” The general grinned melancholically. “Hopscotched across many beds, but came up unscathed! What about you?” Thiede furrowed his brow, brooding over the problem. “Goes for me, too! A few affairs, nothing serious!” ”Not easy to get paired off with a reputation like yours! I thought as much! Not everyone goes for hot stuff, literally!” Ashmael froze when he felt Thiede breathing down his neck all of a sudden. He had not done it again, made his superior livid, had he? He had not even hauled out the artillery to drive him up the wall! The Aghama´s gaze was not murderous but unreadable, a good sign after all! Thiede the Magnificent, fairest of all Wraeththu kind, was not on a killing spree. Not yet.

Inhaling sharply the redhead circled his general, a predator stalking his prey. Ashmael´s eyes went wide with consternation. “ Thiede, what exactly are you up to now?” “Nothing.” Nothing! Tell that to the marines, Ashmael thought, knowing there was something cooking. His superior had ceased circling, towering at his back. The fine blond hairs at the general´s neck stood on end, his mind signalising danger. Something was very, very wrong, and he´d be the one to experience it firsthand. When he was spun around, pressed against a tall body, his mouth, dry from nervousness, ravaged by hard hot lips, he wasn´t even able to cry out in alarm. A fine general he was! It took some time until Ashmael succeeded in squirming free of his superior´s vicelike grip by slamming his knee into Thiede´s groin, this way being able to flee to the farthest point of the tower´s platform, which wasn´t very far, indeed. ”What...was that?” Ashmael whispered, frantically wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “That, my dear, was my way of determining if the two of us are compatible,” Thiede wheezed. Darn, this one was still quick for his age! He had not even seen that kick coming!

“Determining if we fit together? Say, has old age rattled your brain, or are you merely suicidal? Sharing breath with your best fiend! What´s next? Sharing bed and board? You must have gone insane, that´s it!” Thiede, who had finally managed to assume his customary regal pose despite the pain in his nether regions, eyed his opponent, amusement beginning to sparkle in his amber eyes. “Be reasonable, my dearest Ashmael! It can´t have been that bad! You ought to know that we have to make sacrifices in order to survive! As long as we are the only ones left in this town, we´ll have to re-establish our reputation, or we´ll get lost among the countless creatures of fantasy that dwell in the memory of those who once followed closely the trials and tribulations of our race.” “Eh?” Ah, how Ashmael loathed his superior speaking in riddles! “For the good of all our followers and my humble self, what do you mean by this?” Thiede´s grin turned outright feral. “Do you really want to know what some of our onlookers suggested?” The general was still busy removing the last traces of Thiede´s onslaught, his mind an absolute mess. Sharing breath with Thiede had certainly never been on his wish list. And being forced to... at that point onlookers should be the least of the problems. They had always been there, watching them, twisting their victims´ life as they pleased to the delight of their readers.

Thiede´s elegant fingers fished a crumpled piece of paper out of the pockets of his voluminous trousers. Ashmael had often wondered what was hidden within those baggy clothes, but not anymore. Too many quarrels, too many defeats had dampened his enthusiasm. The Aghama had remained an enigma to him, and that was enough. No more games, Ashmael had told himself a long time ago, and stuck to his intent-until now. Thiede unfolded the paper, carefully smoothing it out. “What is that?” “A list, no more, no less.” “You don´t say! And what´s on that list?” “It´s a wish list!” Ha, he had known it, the smug smile on Thiede´s face telling him that once again his superior was one step ahead of him, toying with the general like a cat with a mouse. Do not fall into that trap, Ashmael berated himself, making great efforts to put on an air of unconcern, when he was actually bursting with curiosity. “Bet our onlookers aren´t as demanding as you and your perverse fantasy!” he hissed while readjusting his clothes. “You bet? So you´d rather perform the tasks given by them than fulfil my so-called perversions?” “You bet!”

The moment the words came out Ashmael Aldebaran knew he had been taken in again. Thiede looked like the cat that got the cream, his eyes gleefully scanning the slip of paper in front of him. Ashmael´s shoulders sagged. It was his fault that he had come out on the short end, as always. “So what do they want?” he breathed, already afraid of the answer. Thiede unsuccessfully tried to stifle a laugh. This was simply too good to be true! “Apparently our onlooker´s fantasies have focused on your warrior body, perpetually clad in tight black leather.” Thiede eyed Ashmael´s worn-out jeans, tattered holes appearing at strategically interesting places. “Me? Leather?” Now that had been in Wraeththu´s founding period, when everything had been young and dangerous. Ashmael hated leather like poison, the rough material turning his sensitive skin red and itchy in the warm climate of Immanion! So much for breathable and skin friendly! He dreaded to think what usually happened when he had to patrol the area around the capital on his sedu´s back. Ouch, that had hurt a lot and quite a time, even for a resistant race like theirs! “Come on, Thiede, out with the truth! What do they want us to do?” Thiede grinned. “What makes you think that I am involved in the game, too? I told you it´s about your body they are racking their brains!” “Then tell me what to do to satisfy their curiosity!” Thiede was actually gloating at what was to come next. “It is a most inconvenient task, I must say! Ashmael, they want you to strip naked. Bar ass naked, of course. I told you, they are insatiable! Ashmael? Ashmael! Are you all right?”


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Jul. 2nd, 2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
That was a surprise I thought Ash hated his old pushy boss, are they so old bored and dottering that they are considering fooling around with each or is it that Thiede in his old age is a horny lecher? Cal wondering, but if that old bugger came after me I'd run...no matter how good the God-like Thiede still looked...I be running! LOL
Jul. 2nd, 2013 06:42 pm (UTC)
Our harish poster boys know what´s at stake, so no violence against each other this time. Thiede´d do everything imaginable to attract attention. Unfortunately those two are still waiting for a prince to saber the hedge of thorns that has cut them off from future adventures. Now where´s the rescue squad?
Jul. 3rd, 2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
I miss the old days when Wreaththu and hara were written about with gusto, sex, violence, and just plain fun, todays new short stories are trying to be arty over the top liturature...LOL how boring! Cal
Jul. 5th, 2013 01:20 pm (UTC)
Now I feel like reading those old fics. The question is where to find one. Those on Forever Wraeththu are certainly not boring, but I know them by heart already. I vaguely remember having read some interesting ones ages ago! Too bad that I´ve blown up my PC with all of my bookmarks...
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