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Among hara they viewed as "soume" or "hostling stock" cause we know their ouana/warrior group are allowed to take aruna together (especially when out doing war stuff) but I know from Blood, the Phoenix and a Rose, that like "hostlings" were expected to stick to being with warriors (at least at the Harling farms) and among Ponclast's personal hostlings for his experiments they were closely monitored and not allowed to be with other hara.

Would it be considered y' know something enjoyable for ouana har to watch or like disgusting and perverse?


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Feb. 8th, 2017 07:03 pm (UTC)
Not sure what exactly you are meaning. Is it:
1) Two hostlings having 'regular' aruna, one as soume the other as ouana?
2) Two hara both being ouana or both being soume during aruna?

If it is option 1, I guess the main outrage would be that the two hostlings were 'cheating on' whichever warrior they 'belong' to. As if Mrs Smith was caught in bed with Mrs Jones.

BTW do you know if the term 'consort' applies in both directions? Cobweb is the consort of Terzian. Terzian is the ____ of Cobweb. 'Consort' always seemed to imply a lesser rank. Is there another word to use?
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